Project Overview

Due to global warming, countries around the world are suffering from drought, floods, and heat waves. The annual average temperature in 2017 rose 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0.9 degrees Celcius) from 1951 to 1980, and anthropologists say that if the Earth’s temperature rises by more than 2 degrees, humans can no longer live on Earth.
This is mainly due to the industrialization followed by rapid economic growth of the world’s major countries, the depletion of forests and green lands and greenhouse gases from power plants or factories have destroyed the ozone layer, causing the Earth’s temperature to rise in a vicious circle. In response, major countries around the world decided to apply tax barriers by adopting the U.N convention through Kyoto Protocol, to countries that do not reduce their carbon dioxide and 6 kinds of greenhouse gas emissions. Other than that, various efforts are being carried out such as implementing Emission Trading Scheme, etc.
With the international community voicing its opinions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is the cause of global warming, major countries is developing technologies to reduce electricity generation facilities using fossil fuels and nuclear energy, rather generating electricity with alternative energy sources such as solar, wind or water power. The C3 Generator, which is distributed by C3 Electric, is a generator that utilized magnetic field, we were able to prove perfectly through science for the first time in the world, and C3 Generator has developed to be a generator producing 1 to 5kw per hour, that C3 Generator could go beyond the barrier that magnetic generator failed to reach until now. C3 Generator is a generator that produces its own electric energy without external materials. This generator is a high-tech tool that can solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions problem, the main culprit of global warming. Currently, related patents are applied to PCT international market and studies are being carried out for various applicable areas.
The C3 generator can be applied not only to domestic electricity, but also to all sectors of the industry, it will be helpful to prevent global warming and change the livings of human. C3W, issued by C3Wallet, will function as a distribution and payment method for C3 Generator, which will collect big data on global electricity energy use.
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Energy Big Data

In the 2020s, with the development of the IoT, AI will be built into every electronic device being used, making human life become faster and more convenient. It is the block chain that provides high quality data that AI can learn, and it is the AI that makes the structure of blockchain smarter. This development of AI goes to Big Data, and Big Data is being developed by the block chain. By enabling easy and secure data sharing, blockchain helps to gain more data to create better AI models. Data is said to be the oil in the future, therefore business models based on big data are evolving rapidly, and the block chain allows data and models to be exchanged and traded as intellectual assets. We will collect tremendous amount of
big data related to energy usage from chips built into the C3 generator to create new and convenient services in the energy sector.
Big data gathered from the C3 generator will further develop the C3 generator and become a big asset to the C3 ecosystem. This will soon lead to rewards for many participants with C3W.

C3 Energy Ecosystem Model

Predictive based maintenance
Analysis of the usage quantity
Real-time monitoring
Patterning of real-time energy data collection
Efficiency Maximization
Analysis of energy usage patterns by time
Consumption pattern prediction
Analysis of energy usage pattern by spatial environment
Energy usage pattern prediction by climate
Real-time collection, analysis and visualization of energy big data enable energy management to be more efficient. We will also fulfill the goal to achieve optimal energy management and an effective energy consumption culture by patterning customers’ energy consumption trends based on large data streams such as energy usage and climate. Based on big data, C3 energy will provide necessary systems and services that are necessary for automatic energy control and C3 energy transaction management. Through this process, we will provide all systemic services necessary for the establishment of the renewable industry by realizing power transactions and microgrids between individuals.

C3 Ecosystem

The most important element in the C3 ecosystem is the C3 generator.
There are endless business models to put in.
C3 Research Center

C3 Electric Laboratory
Development of technology for application patents
Technology sales to large companies

C3 Generator distribution/ C3 applied products manufacture
All appliances using electric
energy, such as seawater
desalination equipment/
electrical boiler
Domestic and global distribution

C3W Token Issuance
Payment with C3W of all products in circulation and production
Annual dividend for C3W holders

C3 Peace Foundation
Kangaroo Movement
Used as welfare fund for teenagers and weak suffering from global crisis.
C3 consists of two corporations and one foundation.

C3Electric : Global Distribution Corporation
C3Wallet : C3W Token Issuance
C3 Peace Foundation : Foundation

C3Electric is the company that produces and distributes household C3 Generator and applied products, and it is the key revenue model which possesses the core source technology of C3 Generator. C3Wallet is a blockchain system that allows payment, donation and data collection to be carried out when C3 products produced by C3Electric are distributed around the world, they are the basic currency of the C3 ecosystem where all transactions are done with C3W. The C3 Research Center continuously applies for technical patent about C3 applied fields. The application technology applied by the C3 Research Center will be transferred to domestic companies first and the company will give royalties to C3Electric, which has the original technology. The C3 Peace Foundation is a non-profit foundation that helps the weak in welfare and cultural blind spots through Kangaroo Movement and contributes to the nation and the human community.

Building C3W Platform

The power of the central concentration was in the monopoly of information and data. Verification and payment through a third-party agency were essential for the movement of ledger. In other words, monopoly became power, verification and trust became finance. And these two became the center of the control system. Blockchain, which had to emerge to overcome this problem, is a distributed ledger technology that allow all participants in the network to verify, record and store transaction information.

The reality is that it has become a universal common sense for the general public that its benefits are Security, Transparency, P2P, Instantaneous. However, as one of the basic benefits of the blockchain platform starts to fail, the occurrence of elements disturbing security has emerged in the process of overcoming the failure, and it is also true that the inevitable issues that limit transparency and referral are being revised while adjusting such conditions.

Fortunately, however, this is not a negative event, but a necessary step to secure the popularity of the block chain, and alternative platforms are being developed continuously through rapid technology upgrades. In technical terms, the lack of standardization motivates technology growth and is rapidly evolving into a technology that maximizes the efficiency of transaction and data verification processes. The advent of a new platform that overcomes the limits of block are very positive. Blockchain technology is expanding to an application platform and a licensed dispersion ledger in the Ethereum affiliation while going beyond Bitcoin affiliation, which only has cryptographic functions, without having to go through state-owned assets such like Ripple. The purpose of C3W’s birth is to create an ecosystem around the positions of energy and welfare area, and stand between other ecosystems, so we are focusing on the expended application platform.

The future of C3W will be promoted so that anyone can create and service their applications through the “C3W Platform” that develops and operates various applications with energy and welfare-related content on a decentralized network.

“What’s important is not the generalized skills but the philosophy!”
The basis of the C3W’s issuance is that technology complements the securement and value realization of energy and welfare ecosystem through the blockchain. Blockchain technology will extend beyond the financial services sector to overall sectors such like the manufacturing and distribution sectors, the public service sector and the social and cultural sector, etc. Currently, all non-financial sectors are procuring their own blockchain technology and preparing for a new level of ecosystem. Our business model is very simple and well-defined. To keep up with the current situation, C3W is building a platform to lead the ecosystem in energy, welfare and culture sector. The C3W platform will be the foundation for collaboration and transparency and reliability for each node and its members through the connection between platform ecosystems across all areas.

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  1. C3W 토큰을 비트포렉스 거래소 지갑에 보유하고 계신분들의 교환 방법

*비트포렉스 거래소에 보유하고 있는 C3W를 개인지갑으로 이동합니다

1)이동한 개인지갑 이름 (예:엔진월렛/C3PAY월렛/트러스트월렛/이임토큰월렛/ 등등)

2)지갑으로 이동한 C3W토큰 수량 (예:1,235,951C3W)

3)이동한 지갑주소 (예: 0xd2f0a2eec54469d64e746235765f484969a5377e)

4)성함 (예:홍길동)

5)전화번호 (예:010-1234-4567)

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1)지갑 이름 (예:엔진월렛/C3PAY월렛/트러스트월렛/이임토큰월렛/ 등등)

2)지갑에 들어있는 C3W토큰 수량 (예:1,235,951C3W)

3)지갑주소 (예: 0xd2f0a2eec54469d64e746235765f484969a5377e)

4)성함 (예:홍길동)

5)전화번호 (예:010-1234-4567)

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  1. 에어드랍 신청 기간

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비트포렉스 거래소의 C3W 가격이 0.2원 이고 보라비트 거래소의 ZEBS토큰의 가격이

 1원일 경우 C3W 5개당 ZEBS 1


비트포렉스C3W가격 C3W보유량 보라비트 ZEBS토큰 가격 ZEBS 에어드랍 수량
0.2 100 1 20
0.2 100 2 10
0.2 100 3 6.7




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10개월 후 ---- 50%

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  2. 전화번호 : 010-1234-5678
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  4. 지갑주소 : 0xd2f0a2eec54469d64e746239765f484969a5377e
  5. C3W토큰 수량 : 1,569,536 C3W
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